Documenting skateboarding and punk rock through his photography for over thirty years, Bernie started as a teenager in Lincoln, Nebraska in the 1980's. As luck would have it, Bernie's neighbor built a half-pipe in his back yard, placing the epicenter of the local skate community and an emerging punk scene right next door. Encouraged by fellow skateboarders and punks, and inspired by the photography of Glen E. Freidman and others, Bernie initially picked up a camera to provide visuals for his zine, Tiki, which connected him with a thriving skate-zine and Xerox art culture of the late 80’s. These connections led him to Los Angeles to work for Homeboy magazine, a short-lived but influential magazine which also included Andy Jenkins and Spike Jonze as staff members. Bernie’s photography captures the energy, sweat, action, style, and volume of the moments any skate/punk fan will instinctively say ‘Yeah’. Bernie lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter, and you’ll probably see him at local skate spots and punk shows with camera in hand.

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